Spravato services offered in Fremont, CA

Spravato™ is an esketamine nasal spray that can help people with treatment-resistant depression. If your depressive disorder is failing to improve with medication and talk therapies, Ocean Psychiatry in Fremont, California, can help. The practice’s highly skilled mental health professionals provide in-office Spravato treatment that can help you overcome the profound despair and misery depression causes. To see if you could benefit from Spravato therapy, call Ocean Psychiatry today or book an appointment online.

Spravato Q & A

What is spravato?

Spravato is an innovative way of helping patients with treatment-resistant depression. It’s a nasal spray that your provider gives you to use on-site at Ocean Psychiatry. It’s important to receive your treatment at the Spravato clinic so your provider can monitor you afterward, just in case you experience any side effects.

Ocean Psychiatry uses Spravato alongside antidepressant medication to reduce symptoms of major depressive disorder when other treatments aren’t working. It contains esketamine, a new form of the drug ketamine that has FDA approval for treatment-resistant depression.

Ketamine is an anesthetic pain medication that’s becoming increasingly popular as a treatment for mood disorders like depression. Research indicates that around 75% of patients having ketamine therapy for treatment-resistant depression experienced significant improvement in their symptoms.

Why would I need to take spravato?

Spravato is worth considering if your depression isn’t getting better after receiving treatment for several months. Depression can cause such severe emotional distress and low mood that patients are unable to lead normal lives. They may consider suicide because the torment of depression can be so intense.

A combination of talk therapies and antidepressant medication helps many people recover from depression. However, some patients don’t respond to these treatments or find they experience unpleasant side effects from medication. Your Ocean Psychiatry provider might recommend Spravato if you’re in this position.

Spravato is the most straightforward form of ketamine therapy. You can also get IV (intravenous) ketamine infusion therapy, which is very effective. However, it requires you to have a needle in your arm while the ketamine drips slowly into a vein.

What does spravato treatment involve?

Spravato involves having a series of treatments at Ocean Psychiatry. The number of Spravato sessions you need can vary but typically involves three treatments a week for four to six weeks. You might also benefit from booster sessions periodically once your initial treatment begins to take effect. Booster Spravato treatments help to prevent a relapse.

The treatment simply involves spraying the dose of Spravato into your nasal passages under your provider’s supervision. You stay for a while afterward to ensure you don’t have any adverse reactions, then you can go home. You need to arrange transport because you might feel drowsy and have slowed responses after your Spravato treatment.

If you have major depressive disorder and think Spravato could help, call Ocean Psychiatry today or book an appointment online.