Additional Testimonials

Additional Testimonials

We love to hear back from our patients. Let us know how we're doing!

“Annette has been the best person to have happened to me in 2020. Helping me navigate a very complicated personal situation, all from the comfort of my home in So Cal. Thank you Ocean Psychiatry for a great staff!”

“Tara has always provided the best service possible. She a so easy to talk to and listened to all of my and my daughters concerns. The world need more people who care like she does.”

“Can’t say enough good things about Ocean Psychiatry, the staff is amazing, great communication with patients. Dr. Ghani was been nothing short of a miracle. Unlike some other psychiatrists I’ve seen before he truly seems to care about the wellbeing of his patients. I would highly recommend Ocean Psychiatry.”

“Dr. El Sokkary is great,he pays close attention to the conversation,laughs at the jokes and is sorrowful during the painful times. He teaches you tools for dealing with painful past experiences and shows you how to move on with healing, he makes you comfortable to talk about anything that you have to say.”

“The first thing I experienced with Ocean Psychiatry is the super helpful office staff. In the age of virtual appointments, Roxanne & her colleagues went above and beyond what I expected and provided me with outstanding patient service.

Dr. Ghani is an excellent clinician. He was able to create and establish a treatment plan that I believe will be my pathway to a higher level of emotional and physical wellness. His professionalism & communication skills, combined with compassion, is a hallmark of his practice.“

“ I think Allison is a very approachable. I like her talking to my daughter, she is amazing “

“I am very happy and pleased with Dr Ghani and the response I received from him on my special need appointment. The doctor was knowledgeable! Our meeting was thorough and gave me a sense of well-being. The questions Dr Ghani asked were on the point and the suggestions timely.“

“Dr. Ghani is an excellent clinician who communicated with me in a professional, insightful and compassionate manner. He explained his treatment plan in great detail, which I believe will help me on my pathway to mental and physical wellness. His sincerity & empathy is refreshing and very much appreciated.“